book beyond the executive comfort zone

What happens when a corporation’s leadership is engaged, talented and competent ¬– but so stuck in their ways that they can’t quite grasp the importance of acting as a strategic, forward-thinking team? It

Aromatherapy is an ancient Ayurvedic health practice that harnesses the transformative powers of essential oils.  It has also become a mainstream offering in spas around the globe, where it is used as a
Shari Rowe

It didn’t take much time to pick up Shari Rowe’s enchanting and inviting spirit. From hello, she greeted me with kindness and our dialogue felt more like a conversation than a typical interview.
Happily Ever After

As a follow up to my previous article, The Ever After, which spoke about the real world of marriage, I would like to speak about Getting to know each other. Past the fairy-tale