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Are you ready to Direct YOUR Destiny in 2016 (or RIGHT NOW)?

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What would possess a person to leave a lucrative career as a Wall Street investment banker to become an actress then a transformational coach? The answer is more common than you think: unfulfillment.

The Brooklyn born Jennifer Grace says that she was “always an actress” and even graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Drama. So how did she end up as an investment banker on Wall Street after graduating from college? The same reason so many of us are not living the life of our dreams:

“. . . My father told me I should be more practical and come home. He was a Wall Street investment banker so I followed his footsteps.”

Sounds familiar? Well, sometimes life takes you in a different direction and things work out. How many 21 year olds do you know who can boast about successfully managing million of dollars and standing out as one of the few women in a male dominated environment? Jennifer Grace even met her husband during her eight years on Wall Street and the couple decided to trade in their stressful, high powered careers for the sunnyside of Florida.

Here’s a tip for getting unstuck: Jennifer knew she was not living the life she wanted and made the choice to pursue her dreams. Despite her lucrative success, she was stressed out from her high pressured, high stress career. Sounds familiar? You will never know what you could become if you don’t try.

Jennifer Grace2So what happened when Jennifer Grace decided to pursue her dreams of acting? She was cast by Saturday Night Live Director, Loren Michaels, for a Target National Sag Commercial. She followed this unheard of win with six years of commercial work as a SAG actress; started her own film company, Awaken Films, and received an HBO award for best short film. She gave birth to a precious baby boy and, at 34, started practicing yoga. That is when the seemingly perfect ending came to a halt.

Another tip for getting unstuck: become attuned with and follow your intuition. Jennifer uses the acronym Y.A.K: You Always Know. At 34 she knew something was not right; one year later, her and her husband divorced and she walked away from her film and acting career. For three years she was lost; she started six companies, made six logos and websites . . .

“Trying to find my life’s purpose became my purpose and failure became my middle name.”

How did Jennifer Grace get unstuck and how can you?


Taking the advice of her mother, Jennifer enrolled in an eight week transformational course, The Creative Insight Journey, based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class. Within one year, she was certified to teach the course and, after five years, had graduated over 1,000 students. From there, she was promoted to Train the Trainer and today certifies others all over the world to teach this powerful course.

Jennifer Grace3There are simply not enough pages or time to share all the wealth of knowledge I gained in just 20 minutes with this phenomenal woman. She also owns a retreat company, Omluxe, which offers divine destinations for the conscious connoisseur. What is so remarkable about Omluxe is 100% of the proceeds are donated to different causes in the regions they visit. Ms. Grace just completed a November trip to India where they raised over $15,000 and helped local women open a tailoring business. The women are not only making clothes but also designing them as well as learning the art of retail and marketing.

Jennifer has also partnered with Matt Damon in his foundation Water.org and raised money for a clean water incentive in Peru. She is also a contributor for MindBodyGreen and The Huffington Post.

So exactly how can YOU direct your own destiny? Back to that intuition thing: in a world full of technology, we are constantly distracted–cell phones, texting, social media, etc. With all the constant busyness and rush of life, how can we learn to live in the moment and let our intuition guide? In addition to meditation and journaling, Jennifer Grace recommends the 54321 rule:

  • 5:  look at five objects in the room
  • 4:  touch four of the five objects in the room
  • 3:  listen for three sounds
  • 2:  smell two things
  • 1:  taste one thing in the room (hopefully there is a piece of chocolate present)

Jennifer Grace BookBONUS: Visit http://www.jennifergrace.com/freestuff/ to register for her FREE four week online course that will offer the instruction and teaching on how you can Direct your Own Destiny. While you are at her site, make sure you also purchase the book and start your work today! Click here to view the book trailer.

I always speak about Will and Grace. Will: the tenacity, the drive, the Will to get things done. Grace: the moments when you let go and allow so that the universe can fall at your feet. I also live my life this way. I wake up and decide if it will be a Will or Grace day. Will usually wins. But some days I let Grace have her way with me.”

– JG

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