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Au Revoir, Tangles. Macaron For Hair

Say “Bonjour” to the bite-sized detangling brush making a massive impact!

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There  is now a Parisian-dessert inspired hairbrush that will go perfectly with your everyday shirt and fitted jeans. Even better: it will fit perfectly in your Chanel bag. 
Milk & Sass’ Macaron for Hair is a palm-sized, detangling hairbrush that doubles as a mirror compact. Not only is it uber chic and  looks yummy, but its cute  design means you can manage tangles and smooth hair in half the time of a traditional hairbrush.  


Macaron Compact Comb + Mirror:

I personally love the idea of combining two things in one and this is the perfect item. As a fabulous woman on the go, and mom with an almost teenage daughter, that  carries a large purse, I tend to keep all my daily necessities in one bag. The bristles on the compact comb + mirror are quite soft.

Now, does this get the job done of keeping your hair tangle-free & frizz-free? Yes.

These  bristles are amazing at what it claims to do. It brushes my hair so smoothly, leaving my hair tangle-free after brushing through it.  The mirror that is built in to the design is a nice additional touch as well.  Other than that, the color options and packaging of the Macarons compact comb + mirror is super cute and a must have to every girl’s daily essentials.

I would definitely recommend this product. One of the main reasons is due to their  creative visuals and how convenient this product is at the same time. I mean, come on, can anyone ever really pass up on pretty pastels and macarons? I know I can’t. In all honestly, the Macarons comb + compact mirror combo fits snug in my bag, and of course, so  easy to use and it’s lightweight. I never leave home without it. Overall, this  product is great and a perfect gift for all occasions.

To purchase the Macaron compact comb + mirror, please visit  www.milkandsass.com





Macaron For Hair

Macaron For Hair

Raspberry Macaron For Hair



    • compact
    • easy to carrry
    • soft
    • great for all hair types
    • affordable
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