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Breaking News: Cowboy Troy Joins KORE PR!

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(Nashville, Tenn.)- March 17, 2016   Kore Public Relations is adding the king and pioneer of “Hick Hop” to their client roster. Cowboy Troy is using his insanely unique blend of Hick Hop and country rap to make his mark on country music.  With a passion for innovating, making music and being unapologetically himself, Cowboy Troy is ready to make waves with his most recent album Saloons on Neptune.

Cowboy TroyHaving grown up in Ft. Worth, Texas, Cowboy Troy was surrounded by a strong country influence. On top of that, his dad would take him to rodeos and stock shows and exposed him to artists like Willie Nelson, Jerry Reed, Charlie Daniels and Kenny Rodgers. It wasn’t long before Cowboy Troy found his niche combining what he knew with what he wanted to see a market for. Cowboy Troy combined a classic country sound with the futuristic sounds of rap and Hick Hop was born.

Cowboy Troy’s roots started when he was featured on Big & Rich’s 2004 debut Horse of a Different Color. From there, he released singles such as Loco Motive (2005), Black in the Saddle (2007), Demolition Mission (2009), and King of Clubs (2014.) Being a versatile performer, Cowboy Troy has also been featured a number of times on TV. He’s been a part of ESPN College Gameday video intro along with Big & Rich since the 2006 football season, co-hosted for USA Network’s Nashville Star in 2006, and also performed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars on the final episode of the 2012 Spring Season. His vibrant sound and “party starter” attitude is contagious and makes him a blast to watch perform. Cowboy Troy is now excited to present Saloons on Neptune to show the evolution and progress of Hick Hop and keep showing the music industry what he’s capable of.

To get a glimpse of Hick Hop and that extraordinary spirited sound Cowboy Troy has perfected, visit cowboytroy.com. Watch for NEW SINGLE coming soon!!

KORE Public Relations is a Los Angeles and Nashville based public relations and marketing firm representing clients spanning entertainment, health and wellness, politics and fashion.  By utilizing social media strategies as well as tried and true public relations tactics, KORE PR delivers powerful and effective campaigns sure to enhance client images.

KORE PR takes a progressive approach to branding, strategic planning and image development, and works closely with market researchers and graphic teams to create unique and appropriate campaigns. For more information, please visit korepr.com.

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