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The image of the “deadbeat dad” has been and remains pervasive but there are millions of men in America who live in defiance of this stereotype. Our film “Daddy Don’t Go” was born from these parallel and enduring realities: that one in three American children is fatherless but there are

Dallas, TX – June 13, 2016 – Three Commas Apparel announced today its inclusion in Amazon’s newest Exclusives category, the Mark Cuban Collection. ***This article is courtesy of itgirlPublicRelations The collection is part of Amazon’s Exclusives program, which was first introduced in March 2015, and features one-of-a-kind products exclusive to Amazon.

Aromatherapy is an ancient Ayurvedic health practice that harnesses the transformative powers of essential oils.  It has also become a mainstream offering in spas around the globe, where it is used as a wellness-boosting adjunct to a variety of treatments ranging from facials to massages. Now, the benefits of aromatherapy

It didn’t take much time to pick up Shari Rowe’s enchanting and inviting spirit. From hello, she greeted me with kindness and our dialogue felt more like a conversation than a typical interview. We began our exchange talking about her childhood and how she came from a family of talented

Money is the one thing that any business owner constantly scrutinizes: from profit and losses to wealth creation and financial projections. Yet, few American companies, and even fewer American entrepreneurs, are taking advantage of the Obama administration’s loosened trade embargo on Cuba. Airbnb’s CEO and co-founder, Brian Chesky, was recognized

Recently, the Paris Flea Market Paul Bert Serpette named The Antiques Diva© & Co. as their Only Approved Exclusive Flea Market Guide as part of a rejuvenation project at the “puce.” This exciting moment in the history of Antiques Diva CEO Toma Clark Haines, marks an important upward movement of

We often hear of retailers struggling with “competing in the Amazon-era,” the current e-commerce market that includes the web-based giant. At DealsPlus, we work with thousands of online retailers big and small, including Amazon. We see and hear about this often. Amazon is without question a formidable competitor (or has

As a follow up to my previous article, The Ever After, which spoke about the real world of marriage, I would like to speak about Getting to know each other. Past the fairy-tale wedding, the memorable honeymoon and all the fanfare, lies the real essence of marriage—getting to know each

When you think of a car in motion, it cuts through the wind that tries to push it back. Although car tires run on the hard roads which causes friction and the weather is not always fair, the car moves ahead anyway. One of the hardest things to in life

Whether you’re simply relaxing at home or celebrating a special occasion, a well-made cocktail is always in style. This new series from Deckopedia Publishing raises a glass to the art and science of the modern mixed drink. Behind the bar is author Matt Seiter, a master mixologist, bartender, and industry