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Don’t be mad at Kim Kardashian: Who you should really be mad at!

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I know, I know: some of you are really going to be mad at what I have to say but this is so necessary. I am going to make this an easy one: you can be mad at Kim K (Kim Kardashian) all day but she is working her platform. She has created a multi-million dollar business, brand and empire regardless of whether you respect it or approve.

The real question should be: are you building your brand, business or platform or are you wasting time being a consumer? If we focused more on our purpose and what we were uniquely created to do, we could transform the world by simply being.

Don’t get mad when you see Kim K doing her thing or be outraged. Instead, be upset if you’re guilty of not working to make an impact and leave a legacy of epic proportion in this world. Good or bad, people will remember Kim K; will they remember you?

duke-and-duchess-of-cambridgeNow, back to your regular scheduled program. And, for those of you who like more of the traditional stuff, check out my blogpost “What Portrait are you Presenting to the World“? Perhaps that will put you at ease.

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