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Highly Favored, Globally Blessed

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Anthony Faulkner’s life exemplifies purpose driven. As a young man, a beautiful woman he refers to as his, “guardian angel,” that approached him while at church and simply asked, “Do you like music”, introduced him to music. It was not until he saw her on the Soul Train Music Awards with Ronald Isley that he realized who she was, the legendary A’ngela Winbush. After watching Ms. Winbush perform on the awards show, Faulkner knew that he wanted a music career. He attended Alexander Hamilton Academy in Los Angeles, California where he studied voice and musical theater. While in school, he learned the art and importance of networking which eventually led to great opportunities.

Opportunity was not far from Faulkner as a friend suggested that he attend a gig at Babyface’s studio. He did not have any details about the gig, but showed up and landed a spot as gospel singer, Yolanda Adams, back-up singer on her Christmas CD. While at the studio, Faulkner also met another individual that would change the course of his life, the late gospel pioneer, Ricky Grundy. Grundy and Faulkner later formed a record label, RG2 Music Group, and released the project, “Testimony.”

Faulkner says something inside him called for him to travel overseas and they traveled to Europe where they promoted their first project together, “Testimony.” The album was well received overseas, doing amazing in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. “There’s a hunger for new, fresh, and raw talent out of the U.S. In the U.S., there is an abundance of talent. Overseas don’t have the market for the talent. So when there’s an opportunity to travel they embrace us.” Faulkner also toured with Andrae Crouch throughout Africa, which happened to be his first exposure to the motherland. Not long after, he was able to minister on TBN.

TBN is an avenue that opened doors for Faulkner to travel to places such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda. While on TBN, Prophet Gary Zamora, prophesized over Faulkner and it caused an immediate transformation in his life. Prophet Zamora spoke “an international calling over his life.” During the time of the taping, Faulkner and Grundy were working on their project and Faulkner remembers saying to himself, “Lord I know you’re calling me for other things so when the time comes, I’m gonna go.” A few days after the taping, Faulkner found himself in the presence of Prophet Zamora once again, this time at his church with a multitude of questions. Before Faulkner could get the chance to ask his questions, the Prophet called him to the church podium and answered his questions without him speaking a word. At that point, he knew it was God speaking to him so he cut his cornrowed hair and started his journey fresh. He explains, “I’m also business minded so when I see there’s a strategy put in place, I write out the blueprint and ask God to direct my path and pray for doors to open. I like to operate in a structured pattern.”

Faulkner’s amazing quests have afforded him the ability to be the first American on many platforms. He was the first American to perform five sold shows at the Durban Playhouse with Joyous Celebration, one of the biggest professional choirs in South Africa. The choir also recorded his song, “Let It All Go,” on their thirteenth album that incidentally went platinum, an amazing feat. Other gospel greats, Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams, have since followed his example and worked with the choir as well.

He is also the first American to appear on the Groove Awards Rwanda where he presented an award for best artist and performed with artist Kambua who is comparable to Yolanda Adams. In keeping with his first, Faulkner was also the first American on the Nights to Remember Concert in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

Faulkner is truly blessed and very humble. ”You never know how God has purposed your life and as long as you’re open and willing to receive the blessings that come and take it humbly, I believe God opens more doors.” He believes in giving back and offering others the opportunity to strive. His foundation, The Faulkner Foundation, was established as a means to give back and has successfully graduated a recipient from Moi University in Nairobi, Kenya and the foundation is continually growing.

For Faulkner it always goes back to his humble beginnings. “I believe it’s important to give back. If it wasn’t for A’ngela. I always talk about her, I call her my guardian angel because if she hadn’t introduced me to music, I don’t necessarily know if I’d be here today. Because without having some sense of direction and something to strive for. You have so many individuals that become lost and they don’t know what to look for, their purposes. They get pulled in different directions and I just believe in giving back and being as positive as I can. If you give someone an ounce of hope an ounce knowing they can achieve a goal to have that drive and tenacity, endurance & ambition they can go ahead and conquer. So, basically I’m just patterning what has happened to me in my life as a blueprint for others to look beyond where they are and know they can achieve the bigger and greater by mimicking the influences award them. If you’re not influenced by the right influence you can get thrown off.”

We can expect more great things from Anthony Faulkner as he will soon release his sophomore album, “Guardian Angel.” It is a positive and uplifting album with a boost of energy. In his words, it is a “rejuvenation for the passion of life.” It is about the journey of his life and experiences. The second single off the album, “Let It All Go,” is doing well and he will soon release the third single, “Closer,” featuring none other than his guardian angel, A’ngela Winbush. Faulkner considers this album to be his reintroduction into the U.S. His return is highly anticipated!

imageAnthony Faulkner’s story is an example of humility and sharing your gifts with the world. Anything is possible for anyone and he is proof. He tells the youth, “become immune to rejection. As long as you’re confident in what you have and do it with purpose, admission, and standard you’ll succeed.” Nothing came easy for him, but it was about structure and learning.

“Never give up on your dreams. Whatever you put your mind to it can be achieved. Life happens. It’s never too late as long as you pray and ask for direction. As long as you put God first anything can be achieved.”

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