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Long-Lost Sisters Prepare for Grand Opening of Their Styling and Glam Boutique, Athyntiq

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Two years ago, sisters Rosalia Schabauer and Karla Inchingalo had no idea the other existed. Now, two years and one cross-country move later, the newly reunited sisters are preparing for next month’s grand opening of Athyntiq – their styling and glam boutique in Boca Raton, Florida.

imageThe sisters describe their childhoods as being “as opposite as night and day.” Karla came first… she was conceived when her mother had a one-night-stand while traveling in her native, Peru. Raised by her grandparents after her mother lost custody, by the time she was in high school it wouldn’t be long before she would become a ward of the state. She was no stranger to group homes and juvenile halls, and spent most of her life with the gut feeling that something important was missing.

Rosalia was born a year and a half after Karla. She grew up splitting her time between her native Peru, and South Florida. Her childhood was happy and sheltered with two married parents. Rosalia attended private schools, swam competitively, and took art classes. As far as Rosalia knew, she was an only child.

When Karla set out to find her father, whom she never knew, she had no idea her life was about to change forever. With nothing to go on but his name, she started with a Facebook search. She found Rosalia – a young woman who shared her father’s last name. Karla suspected that this may be her sister and reached out. Rosalia was skeptical… until she looked at Karla’s pictures. To Rosalia’s surprise, Karla was the spitting image of their father! The two agreed to do a sibling DNA test and when the results came back as a match the sisters quickly bonded.

Fast forward two years and Rosalia and Karla are now living on the same coast and gearing up for the grand opening of their styling and glam boutique, Athyntiq, in downtown Boca Raton, Florida. “We made a deal,” Karla explains. “Whichever coast we found the right location on, the other one would move to. We were so close to finding a place on the West Coast, but we found something in Boca and I had to keep my word.”

The joint venture was inspired by the strengths and passions that each sister brings to the table. Rosalia brings her expertise in makeup and styling, and Karla brings her passion for fashion. As Rosalia puts it, “Karla loves fashion and shopping like no other!”

Athyntiq is a one-stop-shop styling and glam boutique where women can go for hair, makeup, accessories, and styling – and, of course, clothes! The entire experience is completely customizable. Run in to pick up a dress, or get primped from head-to-toe. They even offer on-site alternation services to make sure clients get the perfect fit for any occasion!

Can these reunited sisters succeed at building their relationship and a successful business? Reach out to me to schedule an interview with Rosalia and Karla!


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