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Miraculous Survival Leads to an Unforgettable Journey of Faith

Memoir featured on The 700 Club explores how a teenager’s nearly fatal car accident at age sixteen changed his life and unexpectedly brought him to God

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Benjamin Hylden, the author of the inspirational new memoir Finding Faith in the Field, nearly lost his life in a car accident in rural North Dakota at the tender age of sixteen. A series of miracles then saved his life and gave him a glimpse of life beyond this world.image

The day began normally enough on the family farm. A sophomore in high school, Hylden had tried on his suit coat for the upcoming school prom before leaving home for an appointment in nearby Park River. But it was early April, and it was cold outside. The road was icy, and he was driving too fast.

In the horrific car crash that followed, Hylden’s face and body were crushed beyond recognition, along with his dreams of being a basketball star. After being found by his parents in the field minutes later, he wasn’t expected to survive his injuries and was given a 5% chance of survival. However, as he dramatically surpassed the expectations of his doctors, his latent Christian faith began to stir. A subsequent series of experiences changed him forever.


Finding Faith in the Field conveys how Hylden was raised in a family with strong Christian values and how, once he entered high school, he began to struggle. His responsibilities on the farm made him moody, and peer pressure and friends who were changing in unexpected ways made him uncomfortable. At the same time, his successes on the basketball court bred arrogance.

Ultimately, the car crash and unforgettable journey of faith and recovery that followed offered Hylden a new and much-needed perspective on what matters most.

He comments, “A few years after my accident, I began to feel inspired by God to share my story through speaking to help people in any way I could. It is now my hope that this book and speaking career will glorify Jesus Christ and help others who are undergoing their own trials.”

Hylden’s story of faith and recovery, and his motivational speaking organization HigherSpeaking were featured on the The 700 Club in 2015.

Finding Faith in the Field is a moving comeback story for all ages. Ben’s ability to keep his faith on his difficult road to recovery is truly amazing. Great read for all!”   ~ Michael Redlin

Author: Benjamin Hylden, now twenty-five years old, grew up on a dairy farm in Park River, North Dakota. Finding Faith in the Fieldshares the miracles, events, and experiences that changed his life and inspired him to write a book, begin his own motivational speaking organization, and start Purified, a Christian clothing line.image

Finding Faith in the Field by Benjamin Duane Hylden; Publisher: HigherSpeaking; Category: Inspirational, Autobiography; Soft Cover: 978-1938633591, $11.99; eBook: 1938633598, $3.99; Availability: Amazon.com, BN.com, HighSpeaking.com, Ferguson Books and Media, Hugo’s, Christian Bookshelfimage

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