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Moving Forward (Part 1)

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When you think of a car in motion, it cuts through the wind that tries to push it back. Although car tires run on the hard roads which causes friction and the weather is not always fair, the car moves ahead anyway.

One of the hardest things to in life to do is moving forward. As human beings, our hearts seek a sense of comfort and continual security. Realistically, life is often like a roller coaster: always unpredictable and capable of causing feelings of nausea, fear and discomfort. So how does one really move forward? Why should we move forward? How do we face the next road ahead?

ice creamI remember Kimberly, a 25 five year old law student who absolutely loved ice-cream. For years, she and her mom would sneak off and buy ice-cream across town—she found a nice little shop that had her favorite flavors, so it was her and her mom’s go- to- spot.

One evening, while on their normal run, Kimberly lost control of the car and her mom died on impact with a truck. Kimberly never looked at ice-cream the same way again. That once sweet reminder of love now became bitter and ice cold memories of sorrow and emptiness: in Kimberly’s mind, she lost her mom because of ice-cream. How does one move forward after tragedy?

Before we tackle how to move on, here are some things to consider:

  1. ACKNOLEDGE THE PAST: Denial is the worst way to try and move forward. In order to truly move on as painless as possible, we must first acknowledge the pains, regrets, faults and skeletons of the past. The sooner we confront our demons, the easier the process of moving forward.
  1. FORGIVE: Unforgiveness is like a bulldog tied to a pole using string. At any moment, the dog will snap and there is no telling what he will be capable of! Don’t let unforgiveness keep you trapped in pain and sorrow. Let go for yourself and your own peace of mind. Once the chords of unforgiveness have been severed, there will be nothing holding you to your past. You can move forward with a clear mind and clear intentions for your future.
  1. ESTABLISH A NEW MINDSET: The fact that moving on is a desire means there should be something to move on to. If you have no goals, you will easily fall victim to the mistakes of your past. If you want a new experience, have new expectations! Establish a new mind-set and motivate yourself along the way. Try mediating on Scripture, investing on some motivational workshops or videos, write words of motivation and stick it all over your house. Remember, the best motivator you can have is YOU! Believe in yourself; you can do it!
  1. MOVE!!: After you’ve decided to move forward, you have to take that first step. Planning is good but planning without action makes no sense. Take baby steps at first and then leaps: just keep moving! Push yourself daily and set goals to achieve. Enough of just sitting around sobbing about life: you have the power to do something about it!

Remember, if you are to move forward, only you can stop you! Keep pushing against the winds and storms of life; don’t listen to the critics. Always be the author of your destiny. One love.

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