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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Falling Flat? Maybe you should try Hollywood’s Lagree Fitness Method

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Sebastien Lagree is one of the world’s most respected authorities in fitness, and his revolutionary new Supraformer machine that he designed, engineered and debuted this past month in LA will soon expand nationally to his over 300 fitness licensees.
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The reception has been nothing short of spectacular, with classes in LA virtually sold-out. The Supraformer can burn up to 400 calories in 25 minutes, double ones resting heartbeat and cause one to break into a sweat within the first 5 minutes. From the workout novice to the most experienced athlete, everyone is challenged by this one-of-a-kind machine that moves up and down, tilts to the right and left and produces results never seen before . . . all controlled by a digital remote in the hands of a specially trained and certified Lagree Fitness trainer.
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In addition to Sebastien’s unrivaled celebrity following which includes Michelle Obama, Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and more, it is estimated that more than a million people worldwide have experienced the unprecedented Lagree Fitness workout. Sebastien himself is as interesting and unique as the machine he invented. Handsome, charming and provocative, he always gives an incredibly engaging interview and has appeared numerous times on national television shows and leading magazines across the country. For an in-depth view, please visit www.lagreefitness.com.


Sebastien Lagree was born in Bordeaux France and grew up in Paris. He became interested in fitness at the young age of 13. Boys that age are usually interested in sports, playing video games and just having fun with friends. Sebastien was no different. Playing video games became his life and as a result of his inactivity he became overweight not to mention he became interested in girls resulting him to become more conscience of his appearance. He took to weight training, which being an introvert he found solitude in.

After moving to the US and completing college he found himself in LA seeking a career in the entertainment industry. Working part-time as a personal trainer turned very quickly to request seeking his services. He taught weight training, cardio, Pilates and yoga that triggered what is now a very successful fitness business.

Sebastien observed that clients were going from one form of exercise to another and going to a variety of places looking for that total workout, which was the beginning of the Lagree Fitness Method.

In 2003 he introduced his very first machine the Proformer designed to be a 20 to 25 minute training machine giving the client the total workout. You get a low-impact cardio, strength training, endurance, flexibility and body composition all on one machine and all in one place.

In 2005 he introduced the Megaformer and January 2016 the Supraformer. Each generation of machines come with changes that not only enhance the machines but enhances the workout as well. The new Supraformer can be angled in different positions such as being tiled to the right, left and with the new side tilt waistline can slim down. Slimmed down waistlines can decrease ones BMI as well as reduce obesity.

The PerformerThe Supraformer come with technology, which allows you to upload your profile and adjust your workout to your specific needs. The machines are user friendly to all ages. Currently teens as well as seniors in their 80’s and 90’s are benefiting from this great low-impact workout.

Clients who take part in the revolutionary Lagree Fitness Method learn that optimizing and not energizing isn’t always the best program, and they also learn that true fitness not only consist of a mere workout but also proper nutrition, mental clarity and your spiritual being. The Lagree method is a totally integrated method of fitness.

Sebastien has over 300 fitness studios across the United States, Mexico City and Dubai and beginning in January a new location will open in Beverly Hills. The new location will be owned and operated by his wife, business partner and soul mate Danielle Lagree. Classes are provided in a Lagree studio under the direction of a trainer who has been certified through an exclusive Lagree certification program.

If you are looking to maintain and stay healthy for a lifetime, check out the Lagree Fitness Method. For more information on Sebastien and Danielle Lagree, please visit www.lagreefitness.com.

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