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It didn’t take much time to pick up Shari Rowe’s enchanting and inviting spirit. From hello, she greeted me with kindness and our dialogue felt more like a conversation than a typical interview. We began our exchange talking about her childhood and how she came from a family of talented

Two years ago, sisters Rosalia Schabauer and Karla Inchingalo had no idea the other existed. Now, two years and one cross-country move later, the newly reunited sisters are preparing for next month’s grand opening of Athyntiq – their styling and glam boutique in Boca Raton, Florida. The sisters describe their

Changes both good and bad come to every human being, but certain individuals experience by what all objective accounts seems to be an unfair share of them. Janet Williams is one of these individuals. In her newly published memoir Changes, she shares with readers how the fierce determination that defines

Anthony Faulkner’s life exemplifies purpose driven. As a young man, a beautiful woman he refers to as his, “guardian angel,” that approached him while at church and simply asked, “Do you like music”, introduced him to music. It was not until he saw her on the Soul Train Music Awards

The number of American women who own their own businesses is on the rise. It’s estimated that more than 9.1 million women now lead their own enterprises. What’s more, from 1997 to 2014, when the number of businesses in the United States grew by 47 percent, those owned by women