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It’s a well known fact that reading about something is a far cry from actually experiencing it. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in the effort to manifest deeply held desires and objectives. In her newly published fill-in journal Be It and Attract It: Create and Sustain Your Dream Life

Anthony Faulkner’s life exemplifies purpose driven. As a young man, a beautiful woman he refers to as his, “guardian angel,” that approached him while at church and simply asked, “Do you like music”, introduced him to music. It was not until he saw her on the Soul Train Music Awards

Are you willing to stand for the truth of God’s Word? Are you willing to suffer the consequences of upholding Biblical principles in a society that declares the Word of God is archaic and calls right wrong and wrong right? The intent of this article is for you to check

Benjamin Hylden, the author of the inspirational new memoir Finding Faith in the Field, nearly lost his life in a car accident in rural North Dakota at the tender age of sixteen. A series of miracles then saved his life and gave him a glimpse of life beyond this world. The

NEWS FLASH! To all of God’s children redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, this is a special SSA (Spiritual Service Announcement). This SSA carries good news and interrupts your regularly scheduled activity and thinking. Please be reminded of God’s promise, “He has blessed you and it cannot be reversed.”