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To understand the hipster fashion, one must first look into what hipster actually is. Most of the people regard the term hipster to be related to the hippies or the homeless people who really had no choice but to wear outdated, worn out and mismatching outfits. Some people however disagree to this. They suggest that the term hipster refers to the fashion entailed by men and women that is contrary to the mainstream of the fashion trends of the present era. Meaning thereby, not supporting or using the usual brands of clothing and other accessories and not following the usual or dominant fashion patterns is what they consider to be the true comprehension of the term hipster. But it cannot be truly understood without the analysis of an orthodox hipster starter pack, i.e. what usually is used by the people entailing hipster fashion.

Hipster_webAlthough, the irony in the previous statement is that the hipsters and the orthodoxy are two antonyms to each other. Therefore, analyzing the hipster fashion let us take a look at what an orthodox hipster male looks like. Starting from the bottom, the pants are usually supposed to be jeans and that too not of any well known, or even known for that matter, brand. It should be giving a rugged look and it should be a little tight around the edges and must not at all look like deliberately trendy. The footwear once again must entail a rugged look and hence must not be of a delicate and adorned nature but some thing like a worn out caterpillar type of shoe, that too of some unknown, unrecognized brand or not even of a brand. The shirt or something that is to be worn on the upper part of the body must be a little loose and should be of some unorthodox colors and design. Therefore the fabric covering your upper torso must not be well a decorated and matching colored shirt or a top or any clothe of the sort but it should give a rugged look.

Moving on to the face, the stubble beard is considered to be the trademark hipster look but it can also be substituted with any sort of grown beard which is not in an even pattern as to look managed. Similarly the hair shouldn’t be well managed and some orthodox style, rather they should be rough around the edges and shouldn’t look managed. The female hipster style is not very different from the one mentioned above. Just substitute the tight low tied jeans with a granny jean this is tied high above the waist where usually the pants are worn. And well, obviously the beard issue. Something to adorn this style in its very own manner is by wearing wide sort of spectacles as it adds up to the style. Bottom line, it is one of the fashions of the present era which is highly accepted, as more often than not we see celebrities adopting it, along with being highly unorthodox and what might be called directly opposing to ‘civil’.

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