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Two Entrepreneurial Women Reinventing The Cookie Cutter Beauty Business Industry

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Unattainable standards of beauty continue to pervade the media, interfering with women’s ability to achieve any level of confidence with their physical appearance. Lily Mandelbaum, Elisa Goodkind, and Linda Thompson have teamed up with their respective brands to promote self-acceptance by shattering society’s rigid definition of beauty.

StyleLikeU was founded by Elisa, a veteran fashion stylist, and her daughter, Lily, a former film student. Built on the pillars of radical honesty, diversity, and personal expression, their video platform and movement communicate the belief that style isn’t about blind consumerism or an attempt to change yourself to fit into an exclusive, one-dimensional standard of beauty: True style is self-acceptance.

That ethos is what fuels the organic beauty brand Olie Biologique. Founded by Linda Thompson, Olie’s face and body oils empower women to see themselves (and the skin that they’re in) not as a mass of imperfections that need to be covered up, but as a natural beauty.image

Just in time for the giving season, Olie and StyleLikeU have joined forces to develop a line of 6 exclusive limited-edition body oils. The line is directly inspired by StyleLikeU’s viral video series, The What’s Underneath Project. Six strong, unapologetic and unvarnished subjects of the series have been invited to create their own oils based on their spirits and personal stories. Each oil is as unique as the woman who created it.

Mass created products are outdated, and Olie and StyleLikeU’s oils emphasizes authenticity and supporting the self instead of stocking shelves.The oils are free of fillers and synthetic ingredients. They are all-natural and the highly-curated combinations are simple yet highly concentrated. Potent and for everyone regardless of age or gender, the oils will have you saying: My Beauty Is My Story.

To learn more, please visit www.oliebiologique.com




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