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War Room is a SCUD missile directly aimed at and strategically targeted to destroy the plans and works of darkness, through the weapon of prayer. This movie has a clear message that builds on the timeless truth: Prayer Change Things and People. War Room unveils the reality that prayer, when released with strategic purpose, unleashes God’s power in the lives of people. I give this movie 4 out of 5 crosses. Review Rating:     

War Room (PG, 2015) is a Kendrick’s Brothers Production from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, producers of faith-based films that not only entertain, but minister to the heart and soul. War Room is the brother duo’s fifth faith based film, following well-known productions such as Courageous (2011) and Fire Proof (2013). The film stars some notable Christians who work in the entertainment industry many who also serve as ministers, sharing the message and good news of Jesus Christ in their  everyday lives. Priscilla Shrier has a powerful teaching ministry, is a gifted speaker, and conference host. War Room is her movie debut and Shrier does a superb job in making her character and the storyline realistic and believable. Seasoned actor, model and former football athlete, T.C. Stallings (Courageous, Jackson’s Run, and Rumors of Wars) is also a minster of the Gospel and travels the country speaking and spreading the gospel! The movie also stars singer-songwriter, story teller, and veteran television (Vampire Diaries and Strong Medicine), Off-Broadway and motion picture actress, Karen Abercrombie who is also a born-again believer as well. Other noteworthy Christian actors in the movie include, Christian Bible teacher, Beth Moore and Christian Comedian Michael JR.

Elizabeth (Priscilla Shrier) and Tony Jordan (T.C. Stallings) are your average modern day middle class couple. They have successful careers, a ten year old daughter, Danielle (played by the adorable and talented, Alena Pitts), and they live in a beautiful home. However, behind all of the façade, lies a troubled marriage laced with anger, bitterness, contempt and temptation and Elizabeth is desperate to save her troubled marriage.

What I appreciated most about the film is the actor’s ability to make the characters realistic and believable, even down to their idiosyncratic behaviors. Elizabeth is sometimes quirky, while Tony demonstrates machismo in most of his interactions with others and Danielle is a typical kid who loves to spend time with her friend and jump Double Dutch. Michael (Michael JR), Tony’s friend is nosey, but humorous, and Ms. Clara is a true depiction of an older Christian who has been around and had some experiences in life and is willing to share them so others will not make the same mistakes she did.  So is also warm, nurturing, bubbly and full of faith and joy!

There are many victories depicted in the movie and I believe those moments will remind the audience of the importance of prayer in our lives and how our prayer posture is related to the fulfillment of

God’s purpose in the earth. This movie is recommended for everyone, regardless of family background, religious affiliation, or age. Young and old alike will glean the message: that prayer is a powerful privilege.

Get your tickets to see War Room at a theater near you! I encourage you to take your family, invite friends, and if possible go as a church. Pack the theaters out and support this timeless message just as you would support a Sunday morning worship service. I am praying for the success of this movie around the globe.  Will you engage in the true battle?

War Room, it’s not just a movie; it’s a movement of God!

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WarRoom - The Right Strategy

War Room

War Room




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