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“We Are Love” Singer-Songwriter Stephen Michael Thornton Releases New Music Video

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NYC–based singer-songwriter Stephen Michael Thornton has released a music video for his newest single “We Are Love”. The track was recorded by Grammy winning producer/mix engineer Robert L. Smith (Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, U2, and others) and has been gaining an underground following since its release in November.

Over the holidays, Stephen released the video for “We Are Love” and it has been met with positive reception. The video shines a light on current global tragedies from the crisis in Syria and the riots in Ferguson to global warming while also showing some of the incredible positive changes taking place. “We Are Love is a spiritual song”, says Stephen. “It’s about remembering that no matter what challenges we may be going though, personally or globally, there is a part of us that is much bigger than all of that and is able to overcome any challenge.”

Fans of “We Are Love” have posted on YouTube, iTunes and other social media saying:

“We Are Love” is a beautifully performed, inspirational anthem for these times in which we all face the urgent need to heal ourselves, our diverse societies and our planet-home. Mr. Thornton’s lovely voice–simultaneously soulful and ethereal–and his flawless guitar accompaniment combine to deliver a wise and powerful prescription for success as a global community founded on love!” ~Comic Ma, iTunes

“What a powerful song, what a great video…” ~Jessica, YouTube

“Excellent! Beautiful! Thank you, Stephen.” ~Trudy, Facebook

“What a positive song to counter all the things happening in the world today. Upbeat and catchy with a message. Beautifully done.” ~Michael, iTunes

Watch “We Are Love” on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/lgeefgiZLFM

SMT2Stephen Michael Thornton is a singer-songwriter based in NYC. He is a graduate from Berklee College of Music and works professionally as a singer, songwriter and musician. His music has been featured in corporate advertising as well as the hit TV show “Dance Moms” on Lifetime. For more information on Stephen, or to schedule an interview, please contact David Cronkhite at david@theSMTsound.com.   

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